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Amid The Myst
by D'Aurelia

The color of gray was the same color that I had been seeing whenever I meditated about the future....

I didn't know what this meant. Though it was constant.

Did this mean that I had no future... that there was no future? Within each of those internal questions were the fears about that being true.

Peace was always there in my meditations -- and peacefulness was where I would always return... when I moved through all the fears evident from my internal questions -- Yet the future was still gray.

Then... It hit me Mist! "Myst" Mystery....

Grey - Like fog... vapors.... unformed.... unknown... unknowable...

Of Course!
How Perfect!

When past is clear - well formed, seen, and known from understanding all my old choices then... My future is yet to be formed.

If I'm to live, If I'm living in

The Present,
Being myself

Then in each of my moments - with each and every breath
any look into the future would only be 'Myst'...

the unformed vapors of my breaths
containing my hopes
my dreams
my thoughts

only made real
by my choices
intermingling ...
with others' choices.

To be seeing gray when looking ahead.... on a planet of choice was a good thing, for it meant living fully in the present.

The future mine to make --- form --- gather ...
rather than a transcribed dictation... made without awareness...
from the echoes of blinded past choices...
made in total darkness.


my own thoughts, hope, and dreams
gray - mist - vapors - unformed until I start their form with my present choices...

sent to intermingle with others thoughts, hopes, dreams....
also gray - myst - mysteries - all going into the unformed, unknown, unknowable...
there to are formed ... within the myst.

The question then ~ is simple ...

Do I fear the gray
the mist
the myst
the mystery
the unformed unknown unknownable

or embrace?

And my answer...

already known
and mine each moment to experience ...

Peace ...

Amid the Myst

"Amid the Myst" © 2001 by D'Aurelia.
Adapted from the orginal poem "The Myst" © 1999 D'Aurelia
This article may be downloaded and shared freely so long as it remains intact, including copyright notice and authorship.