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The Art of Life

I have found the following words from various people who have had Near Death Experiences (NDE's) have helped me, guided me & have sustained me ~ with every relationship in my life. I hope they will help, guide & sustain you as well.
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"I'm not asking you to believe anything. I'm simply telling you what I believe. And I have no idea what the next life will be like. Whatever I saw was only from the doorway, so to speak. But it was enough to convince me totally of two things from that moment on: One, that our consciousness does not cease with physical death; that it becomes, in fact, keener and more aware than ever. And secondly, that how we spend our time on Earth, the kind of relationships we build, is vastly more important than we can know."

George G. Ritchie, M.D., summarizing the essence of his famous near-death experience in:
"Return From Tomorrow"



"Thoughts and the words that express them are very real and powerful," my guide says. I see a couple arguing and watch in horror as their hurtful words hit their partner's aura like tiny missiles that explode into gray areas. If enough missiles hit, the entire aura turns gray. I reflect that every though we have is a tangible thing, sacred and significant. Every thought and word has an impact. We have to be careful how we use our thoughts and what we say.

Robert Perala speaking about his NDE (Near Death Experience) from his book:
"The Divine Blueprint"



If we understood the power of our thoughts, we would guard them more closely. If we understood the awesome power of our words, we would prefer silence to almost anything negative. In our thoughts and words we create our own weaknesses and our own strengths. Our limitations and joys begin in our hearts. We can always replace negative with positive.

Betty J. Eadie from her book:
"Embraced by the Light"



In one astounding scene, I saw myself talking to a man at my father's store. I barely knew this person, but I could tell that he was deeply angry abut something that had happened.
"What's Wrong" I asked him.
He began telling me about his teenage son, and how the boy did not seem to care about anything. "He won't do his homework, and all he does when he is around me is try to start fights."
"It's just hormones" I said. "Tell him you love him and leave him alone. He needs to feel wanted, but he feels crowded at the same time." We talked for a while longer and then the man went back home. I relived this in the life review, only this time I was able to follow him home and see how my advice had affected his relationship with his son.
The man did what we had talked about, and before long his relationship with his son was better. Although this seemed like an insignificant event, I was able to see the chain reaction of change that can take place from any encounter, great or small.

Dannion Brinkley about his life review from his book:
"At Peace in the Light"



Another portion of my life review came to mind that showed me how love can come in many forms. I had lied to my mother about something, and I could feel the sharp sting of the belt that she brought down on my rear end as she impressed upon me the importance of telling her the truth.
The whipping hurt me both physically and emotionally. The amazing thing, however, was how much it hurt my mother. In my life review I could feel the pain she felt as she spanked me. I could also tell that she was spanking me out of love so that I would grow up to become a better person.

Dannion Brinkley about his life review from his book:
"At Peace in the Light"



The second near-death experience gave me insight into the art of life. As my life passed before me I could see the good I had done and experience it almost as though it were a sweet fragrance. Little things shown brightly. Instead of feeling fear, anger, and frustration, I felt joy, happiness, and love. There were times, for instance, when I bought somebody a meal, or helped them feel good about themselves. Even though these were brief moments in my life, they were significant and meaningful in this life review. It was obvious to me that all acts of kindness, great or small, carry a great amount of weight in the spiritual world.
After the experience of visiting the other side again, I was glad to come back to the material world. It was now obvious to me that we are in greater control of the world around us than I every knew. I realized that we could truly change ourselves and, as a result, change the world. I wanted to spread that message.

"Dannion Brinkley about his 2nd NDE from his book:
"At Peace in the Light"


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