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The Art of Being Spiritually Fluid

Condensed from an article by Juelle.
Published in Jan./Feb./March 1999 issue of "WE".

Everyone has their version of the way it is. Finding our way takes a lot of questioning and discovery. It is classically the quest of the eternal soul. However, if we become attached to our way that it is, we are done for! We may instead find that we are trapped in our own self righteousness and spiritual arrogance. If this is true, there will be no growth and no transformation, until, we humble ourselves and begin seeking the balance between Knowing and Not Knowing. This allows us to be spiritually fluid, so that our way that it is can dissolve and reform.

Now then, let's say that part of our experience on this planet is to grow, expand into the vastness of our soul's vision, to discover who we are as multi-dimensional Divine beings, and use that discovery to serve our planet and it's inhabitants. How can we really do that if we are stuck in our singular version of the way it is? And how will we recognize this?

The first indicator comes when we find we have a need to be right. Being right has been important in some frameworks of consciousness because it ensures a position of power and approval. Approval, according to some old programs within us, will translate to being loved and being loved means we are accepted and therefore, not alone. This is how important being right can be.

The second signal is the need to stay in control. We will use control to create a predictable life with no surprises or negative unknowns. We want to feel secure. Of course, it can be a false sense of security, especially when someone comes along and starts rocking the boat by challenging our way that it is.

We will know that we are stuck in our way that it is, when we have the need to prove or ju stify our truth. The key word is, need. We will find ourselves defending our thoughts and position around our beliefs. We may become frustrated or angry when someone doesn't understand us. We then feel unsupported, which makes us react with even more positioning. Then, another indicator kick in and we will look for who is in agreement with us so we can collude together. The feeling is, if we can find some folks on our side, then we must be right and once again we will feel included, loved and powerful. We will have our team.

The unfortunate part of being stuck in our way that it is, is that it can produce a feeling of separation. As soon as someone is right, then someone else is usually made to be wrong. As soon as our team is formed that someone else who is not in agreement is excluded. Separation, exactly the opposite of what we often proclaim as our purpose.

We are cosmic adventurers, exploring new probabilities. If we are attached to our beliefs and truths, seeing them as the only way, we will limit the infinite possibilities that can come to us and therefore omit our experience. Moving past the need to be at the center of our own universe, we discover the balance between knowing and not knowing, which allows us to be spirituality fluid.

There are five suggestions to finding this balance. We can begin by cultivating compassionate allowance. We have established that everyone has their version of the way it is and for many people, they have needed it just to survive. Allow them that. Find compassionate understanding that another's Truth will somehow make sense to them within the construct of their consciousness. We may not agree, but no one needs to be made wrong or be excluded.

Secondly, we can seek a higher form of communication: listening. We are often so eager to tell our own story that we haven't learned to listen. Listening helps us to know where someone is in their consciousness. Are they speaking through filters of abuse or insecurity? If we know where they are, then we have a better chance of meeting them, not to change them or for them to hear what we have to say. But rather, simply to understand one another and allow each other. This is co-creative support.

Compassion and communicating from a higher perspective gives us a loving, yet powerful foundation for what we must do next take a stand for our truth. This is where we practice the balance between I know and I don't know the most. We can't know each other's truth, only our own, and this is the truth we know right now and this one serves us until it doesn't.

The fourth suggestion for living a balance in our way that it is, is to "spiritualize it". We will make it personal if we are insecure about who we are and go into doubt. To spiritualize it, means to wrap a thought of perfection, allowance and Divinity around every moment, person, and event. Take all situations to a higher perspective, not personalizing it, and then just doing the next thing we are moved to do.

In the last suggestion, not knowing has to be okay. In other words, we must be able to let our framework of consciousness - with all of it's beliefs, opinions, and truths be able to dissolve when we hit the moments of not knowing something.

That means, something new in our evolution is breaking through. We must remember that beliefs are, just that. Beliefs! Our reality! Not eternal fact. With the accelerated frequencies of transformation that we are living in now, those beliefs and opinions may no longer serve us tomorrow. Allowing the don't know, creates an opening for new inspirations and revelations.

That is being spirituality fluid.