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Meditations with The Hopi
by Robert Boissiere
ISBN 0-939680-27-0
Bear & Company, PO Box 2860, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504
Copyright © 1986 by Robert Boissier
Excerpt from "Glossary of Hopi Words"

Glossary of Hopi Words: (As used in “The Day of Purification” Prophecy)

Catsina – Also Katchina or Kachina. Personification of the spirit of a physical entity (animal, plant, person, etc..)

Kyakotsmovi – Also called “New Oraibi.” A more recent village housing the offices of the Hopi Council.

Masau – Also Massoua or Masuawi. A god in charge of the Earth who fell into disgrace and was demoted by Taiowa the creator to become God of the Underworld and the realm of the dead. Was reinstated as protector of the Earth. A myth similar in some ways to Lucifer, the fallen archangel.

Oraibi – Also “Old Oraibi” to distinguish it form New Oraibi (see Kyakotsmovi). Possibly the oldest of the Hopi Villages as claimed in myths.

Pahana – Also Bahana, a white person, but also the mythical white brother of the Hopi who emerged with him from the underworld through the hole of emergence and is due to return to Hopi someday with the sacred tablet he took with him when he left.

Taiowa – Supreme creator, Great Spirit, not a Catsina, the father of the whole of creation.

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