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Spirit & Science in Harmony

by Debra Hegerle

"As to the truth or correctness of information - I guess that's up to individual discernment."
Commentary from a New Age Message board Under Science & New Technology

Many people have a suspicion of science and a prejudice that science works against, or is at odds with, the ways of Spirit. Many times I've read and heard comments such as the one above given or spoken to mean that our discernment is better than science. I feel that science is one of the tools that Spirit uses and that discernment (individual or group) is assisted greatly by using this tool called science. Whenever we are guessing about the truth or correctness of information ~ we are not using either our discernment or science to the best of our abilities, or full potential ~ and Spirit would want us to use both these aspects well.

Good individual discernment is made when a person uses both science & their connection to Spirit. Uses both the right & the left sides of their brains ~ their reasoning & their intuition ~ while remaining neutral and open. This happens by taking the time to read, and see the black & white of the many layers of truth(s) within any situation often times presented by science without taking on, or tacking on personal judgments such as right/wrong, good/bad etc. of others actions, situations or subjects. Instead use those as qualifiers (worked/didn't work etc.) as teachings towards additional knowledge and then how this knowledge would apply in their own lives, the lives of others, as well as our planet.

The function of science is to give us those 'blacks & whites' within any gray areas ~ so that we have the most information available to us to use our discernment. Particularly in the area of what has/hasn't worked in the past, or is/isn't working currently and the ability to project what could/couldn't work in the future. It's this future area within the many and varied fields of science that are continually growing & expanding, where we also find the controversy from friction of those that come from a mind set of Science vs Spirit, rather then coming from a mind set of Science & Spirit.

Science works hand in hand with our connection via Spirit to our intuition ~ because our intuition will guide us to those 'gray' areas, those areas that need more black and white, and gives us our leads, clues, the gentle suggestions by saying: "Look here ~ Start here". Science is one of those tools that helps us take the guess work out of certain areas by helping us identify the knowns from the unknowns. Science works continually to take the unknown and explain them into knowns, with many times in this process, discovering new unknowns, new questions and new areas toward which we evolve.

In one way, the current way science is working on this physical planet, science appears to be always walking behind our intuition. This is understandable because our ideas come first but we don't always know if they will work, or work as expected, until they take on form in our physical world. Science helps us every step of the way in this process. As our ideas take form ~ science then is working to show the black from the white, the possible from not possible, the known from the unknown one piece at a time as it applies in many areas of our physical universe. This helps to eliminate guessing and gives us the information & knowledge in those areas, so that we can better discern what is right for our own lives.

Furthermore, we learn and discern from our mistakes as well as successes..... the most important thing we learn to discern is which ideas to bring into physical form, by seeing which, from the past, did not help our planet or ourselves... showing us the areas that could use improvement.

In the Spiritual domain ~ Science & Spirit ARE in harmony, ARE one within the whole ~ is a valuable tool, and it's from this place that our intuition first draws or gets the inspiration, the idea, the clue, the gentle suggestion to go and look in these certain areas. And Spirit speaks in a personal language to each of us, so that we each can understand.

This is why I feel many times any disharmony that we might uncover in the many areas of Science and Spirituality is created and coming more from a lack of understanding each person's (scientist or laymen) expression of their connection with Spirit, and the many & varied ways the workings of Spirit can manifest, then anything else.

Since each person has a unique connection with Spirit, this connection does not always show itself in the same way, the same form, or with the same language (symbols, style, expressions etc.). Suspicion of the information or data happens many times because the information is not presented in a language that others can understand because of this uniqueness. This seems particularly true for many New Agers, who have a varied language unique to their many & varied personal religion/beliefs/paths, not unlike the varied language (terminology etc.) of science within its many domains which adds more to the confusion rather then helps with clarity. So that when both sides choose to express themselves with common language ~ many times they find they can easily spot and work through the areas of concern, or perhaps find they were in agreement all along and just not understanding each other's languages. Thus this true harmony of science being another form of expression & tool of Sprit prevails.

The illusion is that Science & Spirit do not, or are not meant to work in harmony, as a unit within the whole ~ and as long as we believe this illusion ~ then Science & Spirit will continue to stumble slowly along. We can assist and stop this stumbling, when we break this illusion by letting go of any prejudice that science is at odds with Spirit, and work from a place of common language to all. When we do ~ much progress will be made much faster.

2000 Debra Aurelia Hegerle
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