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Sexual Readiness: Questions to Ask

Author Interview

Pages 267 - 268


From the Book:
"The Sex Lives of Teenagers"
by Lynn Ponton, M.D.
ISBN 0-525-94561-X
Dutton, Published by the Penguin Group
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
Copyright © Lynn Ponton, 2000

Sexual Readiness: Questions to Ask

1. Are you doing this for yourself?

2. Do you feel rushed by your partner, the situation, or yourself?

3. Is your body ready? Do you feel physical arousal and desire?

4. Do you trust your partner? Can you talk freely with him/her?

5. Would you be comfortable saying no, even at the last minute?

6. Have you and your partner practiced with other sexual experiences prior to deciding to have intercourse (foreplay using hands, mouth, genital and hip pressing, etc.)?

7. Have you planned for protection from pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease?

8. Are you able to engage in sexual activity without getting drunk or high first?

9. Are you knowledgeable about sex? Do you know what oral, anal, manual, and vaginal intercourse are?

10. Have you thought about the impact of this event on your life, considering whether it matches your values?

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