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Children of the New Millennium
Childrens Near-Death Experiences
and The Evolution of Humankind
by P.M.H. Atwater, LH.D.
ISBN 0-609-80309-3

Chapter 10 ~ A New Race Aborning
Excerpt Pages: 216 - 219

Strauss and Howe remark that, even now, the larger number of these youngsters are proving to be unusually civic minded, optimistic, collegial, competent, possessed of a powerful type of energy, and collective in purpose, expecting praise and rewards while generously passing on the same to others. And they save more money than they spend on conveniences. "The Millennials show every sign of being a generation of trends-toward improved education and health care, strengthening families, more adult affection and protection, and a rising sense that youths need a national mission.9

E. Alan Meece, in his tour de force of astrological patterns in history "Horoscope for the New Millennium,"10 further delineates what might be expected from the millennials by dividing them into four categories according to year of birth. The early wave, born from 1982 to 1983, he calls an exuberant yet mellow group, like children of the seventies, often lacking in discipline and focus, yet definitely explorers who like to live on the edge. Those born from 1984 to 1988 he terms "benevolent entrepreneurs" who, unlike the first group, are ambitious and disciplined, rather conservative, but with a sense of great duty to society and humankind. He notes that a very precocious bunch with outstanding potential checked in between 1988 and 1995. But he warns that while they possess great talents and leadership skills, they could also be cold, calculating, and one-sided in their assessment of how the world should be changed. The final group, born from 1996 to 2003, he claims will be "flame throwers" with exceptionally outgoing, irrepressible, freedom-loving, rebellious natures-reformers quick to challenge authority.

Make no mistake, youngsters born before and during the millennium's turn are already and will continue to be as demanding as they are curious, and they are powerfully obsessed with a need to change things. Although many of them come across as all heart, at least initially, that seeming compassion can readily devolve into senseless acts-as already evidenced by kids who have killed other kids in Littleton, Colorado; Pearl, Mississippi; Jonesboro, Arkansas; Edinboro, Pennsylvania; and Springfield, Oregon. As Strauss and Howe pointed out, the millennial generation must have a national mission, clear goals to aim for, and teachers unafraid of their unusual abilities, or the awesome promise they carry within them could be misdirected or squandered.

One woman keenly aware of the millennials' collective drive and how to direct it is Linda Redford of Santa Monica, California. An adult experiencer of a dramatic near-death episode, she was given instructions while "dead" on how to create a learning program for today's children that would enable them to address their personal concerns, while disciplining their minds and restoring a sense of honor and value to their world. Named The Adawee Teachings (Adawee is Cherokee for "guardians of wisdom), the learning program has already been tested in a number of schools. One teacher said, "I have never experienced such unity in a classroom [as I have] since this pilot project ended." The program, written in collaboration with Redford's daughter Anne Vorburger, consists of course studies, a self-discovery book, and a T-shirt each student receives 'that says, "I am important to the world. The world is important to me."11

"My vision, instead of healing the damage from childhood, is to stop the damage from happening in the first place," Redford explained. Just tallying up the faxes and messages on her Web site from children participating in The Adawee Teachings, and from teachers clamoring for more information on how to continue the program, proves that her guidance to do this was right on. With Redford's permission, I have included the honor code from The Adawee Teachings.

The Honor Code
Principles for Planetary Citizenship. For each principle, the adult version is presented first, followed by the child's perspective.

I am aware that I can learn from all that was created.
I can learn from the sky, a clock, a tree, my friends, and my mom and dad.

I am aware that my words and actions are powerful and have a positive or negative impact on my life, as well as on others and the environment.
When someone is sad I can sit quietly and talk with them until their sadness leaves, or I can tease them and make them sadder.

I am aware that all that was created has purpose and value.
I'm learning that even a tree has a living spirit that I need to honor.

I am aware that being truthful takes courage and is easier when I am open to my feelings.
When I'm truthful with other they learn to trust me.

I am aware that sharing my abundance creates harmony and balance.
When I share with others, I feel good inside.

I am aware that mistakes can be opportunities for growth and understanding.
When I say I'm, sorry I understand that I have hurt you, and when I hurt you I hurt myself.

I am aware that there is an intuitive knowing within me that can guide me to make wise choices.
I am learning that inside me I have a wise part that knows what's best.

All children crave knowledge and hunger to learn. All children know that each thing is alive and can communicate. All children often flow into mind states that heighten knowing. All children are as much aware of spirit reforms as of the earth-plane. All children like to test their perceptions for usefulness. All children are emissaries of divine love and forgiveness.

A child's reality is the basis of a child's truth.

Deny the reality, and you deny the child.

End of Excerpt


9. Refer back to chapter 1, note 1. The quote carried her can be found on page 341 of Strauss and Howe's Generations.

10. E. Alan Meece, Horoscope for the New Millennium (St. Paul, Minn., Llewellyn, 1997). Meece excerpted parts of his book for the article "The Generations: An Overview," which was carried in the May/June 1997 issue of Welcome to Planet Earth Magazine. Contact: The Great Bear, PO Box 12007, Eugene OR 97440; (541) 683-1760. This magazine, by the way, is an outstanding source for well-researched articles about astrology and its influence on society and politics. [website: http://www.mcn.org/greatbear]

11. The Adawee Teachings are produced as part of the Honor Series of Entertainment/Education Tools. For more information, contact: Linda Redford, 1034 Ninth Street, Apt. 9, Santa Monica, CA 90403; (310) 392-1200; Website: www.honorkids.com.

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