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Children of the New Millennium
Childrens Near-Death Expereincs
and The Evolution of Humankind
by P.M.H. Atwater, LH.D.
ISBN 0-609-80309-3

Chapter 11 ~ The Promise
Excerpt - Pages 229 - 230

The Three Types of Subjective Light
Type Color Function
Primary Colorless
A pulsating presence or luminosity usually perceived as frighteningly awesome,
a piercing power, raw essence; the origin of all origins
Pure black
yet often with
velvety tinges of
dark purple
A shimmering peaceful depth usually perceived as "The Darkness That Knows",
a source of strength and knowing, sanctuary; The womb of creation.
The range of
A brilliant radiance usually perceived as an almost blinding glow that emanates
unconditional love, a warm inviting intelligence, union; the activity of Truth

These three lights are consistently referred to, regardless of person, age, or background, as more real than the manifest light on earth and more powerful than any source humankind could harness-including the sun's rays and "zero-point" energy (the "stuff' of the universe; untapped electromagnetic energy).

These lights seem to reveal aspects of Creation in a manner that implies that they may represent the outworking of Divine Order. There is no human connotation given to their function by most experiencers (such as black as negative/evil or white as positive/good), but, rather, an identification is made with the handiwork of God.

The main effects I have observed in the people who claimed to have experienced them were: from Primary Light, deep mystical knowings and more radical changes in a sense of reality and life's purpose; from Dark Light, gentle reassurances of being nurtured and supported while linked to larger evolutionary processes; from Bright Light, displays of a broad range of visibly heightened abilities and sensitivities as if the physical body was transmuting.

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