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Children of the New Millennium
Childrens Near-Death Experiences
and The Evolution of Humankind
by P.M.H. Atwater, LH.D.
ISBN 0-609-80309-3

Chapter 11 ~ The Promise
Excerpt Pages: 222 - 224

The twenty-first century will bear witness to the driving force of this "third wave," which is neither left nor right, liberal nor conservative, rationalist nor modernist, but an integrated stream of consciousness that is intolerant of business as usual; it is more reformist than revolutionary.

And, as this third wave moves into the third millennium, "third-way" principles will emerge as the way to live and do business.

I devoted an entire chapter in both Future Memory and Solstice Shift: Magical Blend's Synergistic Guide to the Coming Age3 to a discussion of third-way principles. Here is a summary of what I have discovered about the Third Way.

I have notice that when faced with life issues, we tend to react in one of three ways: (1) we play ostrich and pretend the situation away; (2) we label it an enemy or a devil and attack; or (3) we confront the situation squarely and honestly, search for the truth behind the appearance, and take decisive steps to initiate a constructive solution. The first way creates victims, the second victors (conquerors), and the third responsive and responsible participants in life, committed to growth and learning.

This third way of dealing with life issues is the way we transcend duality, get beyond victors and victims, good and evil, darkness and light. The Third Way requires mediation and diplomacy skills, mindful attention, and a willingness to consider what is appropriate as a greater priority than self-centered interests. It takes time to learn and patience to initiate, and it necessitates cooperation and compromise, but it is the only modality that holds any promise for a worthwhile future. The Third Way upholds dignity and authenticity and wholeness, and wholeness is spirituality made manifest.

When we live in accordance with the Third Way, we decrease tension. While a certain amount of tension is necessary to existence, too much tension depletes initiative and restricts growth. The fulcrum of Third Way balance is forgiveness, as forgiveness releases tension and promotes patience. When we resist forgiveness, the resulting tension keeps us from transcending. We need to let go to grow. We need to forgive.

Another individual who has written extensively on third-way principles is Walter Starcke, a former Hollywood luminary who underwent a spiritual transformation many years ago and has since become a devoted student of the Christian Bible and a mystic. In his new book, It's All God,4 he reveals that the Third Way (ascension consciousness) is reconciliation.

But he cautions: "As long as we believe that we must constantly and only think beautiful, subjectively satisfying thoughts, we are creating the very duality we claim to deny. What I am saying is, we can reconcile the objective level [materiality] without denying its subjective nature [spirituality] only if we simultaneously see both its infinite oneness and its limited form. By doing this, we close the gap and experience the only true absolute: All inclusiveness."

Reconciliation and inclusiveness are the keys to understanding what fuels millennial generation attitudes and the cultural creatives as a subculture. For them, elitist thinking has lost the fashionable appeal it once had.

The "age of globality" arrived in 1998. With it came the realities of photonics (enhanced fiber optics for the information superhighway); interspecies communication (apes trained via sign language to converse with humans); bio-chemistry "marking" (medication engineered to meet the needs of each person as an individual); natural-systems agriculture (high-yielding perennial grains grown together to cut waste and weeds); weather pattern study (links between weather effects and sex repression, warfare, and social violence)5; cloning issues (life-science companies dominating seed and DNA sequence patents).6

The third millennium is quickly becoming a science-fiction world made fact. Curiously, the vast majority of children rescued from death's finality by advanced technology have near-death experiences that prepare them for ... advanced technology.

These kids aren't coming back as the dutiful fulfillments of their parents' dreams so much as, in their own quiet way, the mountain movers of the twenty-first century. And don't breathe a sigh of relief that at last we have a generation of children who are courteous and civic minded. These youngsters are instilled with a sense of mission, and they are powerfully obsessed with a need to change things. This is their promise and their destiny. And they will insist upon the spirit-led worship and uncommon lifestyles that arise from having a personal relationship with God.

They are "imaginers," creative problem solvers rewired and reconfigured to make significant contributions to a society desperately in need of fresh ideas. But it will take innovative and courageous adults to point the way.

End of Excerpt


3. Third-way principles are discussed in chapter 20 of Future Memory (New York: Birch Lane Press, 1996). Also, see chapter 3 in Jon Nelson, ed., Solstice Shift: Magical Blend's Synergistic Guide to the Coming Age (Charlottesville, Va., Hampton Roads Publishing Co., 1997). I penned both chapters.

4. Walter Stracke, It's All God (Boerne, Tex.: Guadalupe Press, 1998). Should you have any difficulty obtaining this book, or want to avail yourself of Stracke's past works, contact: Guadalupe Press, P.O. Box 865, Boerne, TX 78006; (830) 537-4655; e-mail starcke@gvtc.com. I want to thank Walter Starcke for his kind permission in allowing me to quote him.

5. The most documented of weather-pattern study and human behavior links is James DeMeo, Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence in the Deserts of the Old World (Greensprings, Ore.: Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, 1998). If you are unable to locate this book, contact: Orgone Biophysical Research Lab., Inc., Greensprings Center, PO Box 1148, Ashland, OR 97520; (541) 552-0118; e-mail demeo@mind.net.

6. Refer to Jeremy Rifkin, The Biotech Century (New York: Tarcher/Putnam, 1998).

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