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Morning Muses from the Garden


If like attracts like then ....

then our requested changes within ourselves and for our lives may show they are really happening because of whom we're currently repelling, as well as whom we are attracting......

birds of a feather....


Mistakes ~ the pathway to judgments and the fear of judgments, the fear of 'making mistakes' and that blocks us from making choices


lessons upon lessons to make 'mistakes' on/about/with

of failure
of trying
of making mistakes......

not good enough, not well enough
emotions that keep me down


much better ~ change the focus from mistakes to 'only learning'

I am learning
I have learned
we are learning

and this is what, when, where, how & with whom.....

that old saying 'learning from our mistakes'... exactly... learn that there is/are 'no mistakes' ~ only learning

drop the word mistake(s) from my vocabulary
remove the blockage
the fear of

and speak of what I have learned, where I am learning...

helps me emotionally
hold my head up...
I'm not alone in learning.....

no shame in that
and any embarrassment quickly leaves when I know what I have learned....
and where, how, and with whom


The most dysfunctional person in the family gets all the attention because they are dysfunctional,

Sick people need/attract healers.....

at what point then is the fine line crossed where the healers are helping the dysfunctional people stay dysfunctional .... just so they can stay the healers?

what happens when you remove the need?

the need to 'be' a healer to/for others
and just accept that dysfunctional people are dysfunctional (no big deal) and stop trying to 'fix' them?


interesting possibilities......


When you find someone who does not have eyes to see or ears to hear
you can give them understanding & compassion,
and even offer assistance


You don't let them
drive your car
or tune your piano

Discern limits and the choices become clearer


If it's a 'negative' expression, or experience, or outcome ~ it's always yours as self created ~ and of course done by you ALONE


If it's a wonderful positive expression, or experience, or outcome ~
then of course it was a group, or cooperative effort.

uh huh ~ Bullshit!

Morale of this little dittie (if there is one):
Everyone else's shit doesn't stink except yours.

(don't mind me this morning ~ just fertilizing the garden)


the message not the messenger
the message is from God/Spirit
the messengers are 'human'

too much messenger in the message?
try another channel

(works well for getting clearer messages whether 'too much human in the message' is our own human side, or someone elses.)



ask & you shall receive.....

knock & the door shall be open to you....

seek & you shall find.....

do we 'ask, knock, & seek' from each other ~ and do we 'ask, knock & seek' from God/Spirit/CoreSoucre?

do we ask at all?
inquire at all?
seek to learn at all?

~or just assume we know it all~
and thus
'we teach'

I choose to ask, knock & seek
and mostly from God/Spirit/CoreSource

I choose to inquire,
to learn.....



it takes time to build up trust, and an instant for it to break,
even with forgiveness, trust does not come back fast,
the sturdiest walls are built with the bricks from broken trusts



Amazing.... how with the passing of time and distance, things that used to matter ~ no longer matter.

And we're set free

for us all


Failure ....
another opportunity


life is really all about
coming to terms with
and learning to being happy about
all the things
that we are not....